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Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds are ideal for anyone looking to add Blinds to a room in their home which features UPVC windows or doors, such as conservatories.

At Triple A Blinds, we stock a wide range of Perfect Fit blinds, ensuring our customers can find the perfect blind for their home. With many different sizes and styles of Perfect Fit blind in stock, our expert fitters are able to install the blind of your choosing at the soonest convenient time for you.

These blinds are crafted to fit perfectly against the glass in your window, leaving no gaps and retaining heat within the room.

The Benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds

With no need to screw or nail the Perfect Fit blinds to the window frame, the owner can avoid any damage to their valuable UPVC fittings entirely. This is achieved by fixing the blinds to a frame which is fixed to the window with brackets sitting between the glass and rubber.

These stunning blinds sit completely flush against the glass, leaving no irritating gaps down the side of the blinds, perfect for achieving great all-around privacy as well as contributing to reduced heating bills during the cold winter months.

To get a quote on a Perfect Fit Blind installation in your home, you can simply use the ‘Get a Quote’ form in at the top right of each page, or simply speak to one of our friendly team on 01706 842 909 to learn more about our service.

Belize leaf

Belize Perfect Fit Blind

Strata Poplin

Strata Poplin Fit Blind

Perfect fit mineral pearl

Mineral Pearl Perfect Fit Blind

Sheer Sandshell

Sheer Sandshell Perfect Fit Blind

Shot Silk Burgundy

Shot Silk Burgundy Perfect Fit Blind

Triple A blinds have a huge range of perfect fit blinds available to customers throughout the North West. Our perfect fit blinds are available in a variety of colours, styles and designs! The range will cater for any unique taste or preference!

Please feel free to browse some of our most popular selections above or in the eBook below;

Perfect Fit Blinds