Blackout Blinds

For those who still own curtains, they will be more than familiar with how difficult it can be to block out all light from the exterior of their property once the curtains are drawn; be it during the morning hours when trying to enjoy a lie in, or during the evening whilst trying to keep luminous streetlamp light out of the house.

If this sounds familiar, or you are simply looking for a way to block all exterior light into a room, look no further than our stylish, modern range of Blackout Blinds.

Blackout Blinds are tailored to provide the owner with complete control over the amount of light that can enter any room in the house from the outside.

Purple Blackout

Blackout Blinds Roller

Blackout Blinds with patterns

Uses for Blackout Blinds

As mentioned above, many people would associate Blackout Blinds with situations in which the owner is trying to improve their sleeping conditions, however there are more than just one great use for these ‘light-tight’ blinds!

More people than ever are opting for Blackout Blinds to help create a more atmospheric or ambient environment in their home, perfect for creating your own lighting conditions and effects with the use of stylish lamps, wall-mounted lights and downlights.

Our stylish Blackout Blinds are also great for media or entertainment rooms; as many will know, it takes only a little glare or reflection from a window on a TV or computer screen to make the picture very hard to see, particularly on brighter days.

We operate throughout the Bury, Bolton and Rochdale areas, providing customers with high quality blinds of all styles and sizes every day.

To get a quote on a Blackout Blind installation in your home, you can simply use the ‘Get a Quote’ form in at the top right of each page, or simply speak to one of our friendly team on 01706 842 909to learn more about our service.